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The very first publication from Fairweather Press!

Blue Remembered Hills
Blue Remembered Hills © Anne Lever 2016
Format:          Landscape

Cover:            Hardback / Soft

Dimensions:   297 x 210mm

Pages:            70

Price:              £40.00 / £25.00


Based on the exhibition of 26 paintings by Anne Lever at the Grosvenor Museum, Chester, The Poetic Landscape incorporates the 26 poems specially written for the exhibition by poet Michael Fox.

This high quality book beautifully reproduces the subtle coloration of the artist’s original paintings. Each painting is paired with its associated poem, preserving a unique collaboration in which image and text correspond and complement each other in deep and resonant harmony.

I cannot imagine a more equal or harmonious interrelationship between text and image.

Peter Boughton, Curator & Keeper of Art, Grosvenor Museum, Chester

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